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Thank You to everyone that came out for the 47th Annual Golden Eagle Enduro ! Special thanks to all of our volunteers who helped make this event happen, from gate workers, checks, sweep riders and of course those who help setup for the event !

We have another great event coming up November 6th & 7th. This is the AMA sanctioned East vs West Harescramble 2 day event. This is a dirt bike only event and everyone is welcome to come out and race, watch or volunteer. This will be the 3rd year for this event which sees riders from the west coast and east coast converge on Stillwater to see who's the fastest ! Please read the flyer for gate fees and entry fees for each days event. The park will be CLOSED to general riding November 4th - 7th so we can get setup and hold the event. For more information on the event, you can visit or

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If you're new to the park, READ the Park Rules and Pro Tips sections.  

A Annual Permit is REQUIRED to ride at the park.

The annual permit is valid for 1yr from date of purchase and valid for your family.

Once you're a member, the gate code button will show on the menu when you log in. 
Check your email for your login info, use the password you just created in the form.

Standard Annual Membership is $85 and includes 1 car hang tag. 

IF you come to the park in 2 cars, you need the Standard Annual Membership with 2 car hang tags $110. 

Your hang tag will be mailed to you in about 2 weeks. Keep a copy of your receipt in the mean time.

Common Questions About the Stillwater 500

Q: When can I ride at the park ?

A: If you have a current park permit, you can ride anytime during daylight hours. ONLY exception is when a special racing event is scheduled at the park.

Q:  How do I know where to go ?

A: The trail system is permanently arrowed. So all trails travel 1 way. The Main trail is marked in BLUE arrows and all of the dirt bike only trails are marked in RED arrows.   Please Do NOT ride backwards on the trails !

Q:  What kind of ATV (quad) trails are at the 500 ?

A: The park has a single ATV loop that is 7.5 miles long. It’s a beginner skill level with a few moderate climbs and valleys.  There are also trails around the parking lot and hills around the old mx track.

Q: Do you have kid friendly trails ? 

A: Yes, we have a large grass track near the center parking area (across from the pavilion) and a kids woods loop that runs near the parking lot. Supervision is needed, so your youth rider doesn’t accidentally get on the longer adult trails.  

Q: What are the dirt bike trails like?

A: The park is mainly geared for single track trails, with 36+ miles of single track. The trail heads are all marked with the mileage and skill level.   

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